Off The Plan Recurring Matters - Help Guide

Get started

To begin using Off The Plan Recurring Matters, open any matter in LEAP and click Select Apps from the Actions & Settings menu.

Select Apps from the drop down menu

In the LEAP Add-ins dialog box, ensure that Off The Plan Recurring Matters is enabled.

Enable Off The Plan Recurring Matters

The basics

Create a recurring matter

An Off the Plan matter type will be the basis for the creation of multiple lot matters for your Off the Plan Development Project.

Firstly, create a template for your Development using a Recurring Matter.

Click on the New Matter drop down menu, select New Matter from Recurring and then select Recurring Matters.

Open the recurring matters menu

From the Recurring Matter List dialog box, select New to create a new Recurring Matter and then enter a name for your Off the Plan recurring matter and click OK.

Create a recurring matter

From the Matter Types dialog box, select Conveyancing & Property > Property > Off the Plan or type “Off the Plan” in the Search matter types bar and click OK.

Choosing the recurring matter type

For optimal workflow when creating multiple Lots, it is important to ensure that you complete as much information as possible in your Recurring Matter Template, including:

  • Vendor
  • Development Name
  • Property > Address
  • Conveyancing Details > Length of contract, Residential Withholding Tax Payment type liability
  • Agent
  • Council
  • Water Authority
  • If applicable, Calendar & Tasks > Critical Dates
  • Common precedents that are to be used on each of the Lot matters, for example: to do lists, initial letters, contract etc.

Once you have created your multiple lot matters and the property has been sold, you can enter matter specific information such as Purchaser, Purchaser’s solicitor, Purchase Price, Deposit etc. in each of your matters.

Edit the recurring matter

Open the app

To access the Off the Plan app, click Menu > Other. Under Tools, click Off The Plan Recurring Matters.

Opening Off The Plan via the LEAP menu

Add stages

Now that you've created a recurring matter, you should now see the recurring matter listed in the app as below. This list is populated from all of your firm's off-the-plan recurring matters.

A list of all Off The Plan Recurring Matters

To begin work on an off-the-plan project, select your development from the list. In the next page, click Add Lots. This will open the Stages menu.

Add lots to a development

From the stages menu, enter the relevant details as prompted, and click next.

How to create a stage
Note: not all fields shown are available in all states. The Stage Name is mandatory.

Add lots: range

When creating lots, there are two primary methods. The first, Range Creation, takes a 'Start Lot Number' and an 'End Lot Number' to create the lots between that range. For example, entering a Start Lot Number of 1, and an End Lot Number of 17 will create 17 lots.

Creating Lots with a given range

Press submit to create the lots.

Add lots: list

In cases where the lots to be entered are not purely numeric (e.g. alphabet characters are present), are not consecutive, or where you have a list that you would like to quickly input, the List input method is ideal.

Enter lots to create by typing (or pasting) a list of lot names separated by new lines, as below.

Creating Lots with a list

Press submit to create the lots.

Edit lots

Click on any row in the lot list to edit the lot's information.

Editing a lot

When complete, click Save.

Create Matter will create a matter from the lot's information.

Create matters

As shown above, matters can be created individually via the edit menu. To create matters in bulk, check the items in the development you'd like to create, followed by the Create Matters button.

Creating matters in bulk

Once the matters have been created, they will appear in the development with a light grey highlight. Click on the matter number to open the matter from LEAP.

Matters successfully created


Import existing matters

If you've created matters related to an off-the-plan project, and wish to manage them via the Off The Plan application, we provide a mechanism to import pre-existing matters. Begin by navigating to the development and clicking the Select From Existing Matters dropdown menu item beside the Add Lots button, as below.

The Select From Existing Matters Button for importing matters to a development

When prompted, choose either an existing stage or to create a new stage. Fill out the form as required, and click Next to choose the matters to import.

Choose a stage to import matters into

On the following screen, use the search filter at the top to find the matters you wish to import. Check the box to mark them to be imported, and click Save to begin the import.

Choosing matters to import

Within moments, the matters you selected will be visible within the list of lots under your development. See below for a recording of the end-to-end process for importing a matter.

Importing matters, end-to-end

Sorting, searching, & filtering

The Off The Plan Recurring Matters application is designed to be flexible to meet your workflow's needs. To help you find what you're looking for, it provides three primary techniques for reducing the amount of content on display. These are:

  1. Sorting
  2. Searching
  3. Advanced Search

Sorting is performed by clicking any of the column headings in both the Recurring Matters view and Development view. In the below example, the Lot No. column has been clicked to sort in reverse.

Sorting lots by lot number

Searching can be accessed via the search bar in the top left of the application. Entering any query will immediately filter the current view.

Searching lots

And finally, Advanced Search allows you to specify more advanced conditions to reduce the complexity of the current view. Click the Advanced Search link to open the Advanced Search dialog.

The Advanced Search link

Within the advanced search dialog, choose the conditions you'd like to filter by. The options are:

  1. The field (column) to search
  2. The type of search you'd like to perform (matches exactly or contains)
  3. The value you'd like to search for in that column
  4. Add or remove additional conditions
Advanced search example

Once you've chosen the options to perform your search, click Search to proceed.

Click the search button to continue

To clear the filter, click the x icon on the filter indicators. See the recording below for the full process.

Searching using the advanced search feature


The Off The Plan Recurring Matters app provides an export function to output a CSV spreadsheet containing the current list. To export, simply press the export button and choose a location on your PC to save the file.

Exporting a CSV

Note that the exported spreadsheet will only include any items in the current list, meaning if a filter is applied, any lots that aren't visible won't be included in the exported file. Additionally, the columns in the spreadsheet derive from the columns visible in the app. Customise the visible columns to output more or fewer spreadsheet columns.

Customising columns

You can adjust which columns are visible within the Off The Plan Recurring Matters application. This may be useful for hiding columns that aren't relevant to you, or for adding columns you'd like to be able to see.

To customise the columns, click the settings cog icon at the right of the lot list.

Column customisation button

From here, a menu will open that allows you to select and unselect columns. When you're happy with your selection, click Close.

Column picker flyout

Editing in Bulk

To edit lots in bulk, select the lots you wish to edit from the development lot list, and press the 'Edit selected' button, as below

Select items to edit

In the flyout the flyout menu shown below, use the checkboxes to select the fields you wish to edit. Once selected, enter the values you wish to update, and click 'Save'.

Bulk edit flyout

Attaching Documents

To attach documents to matters, begin by opening the development's recurring matter (created in the steps above). In the Details and Correspondence tab, attach the documents you wish to use to the recurring matter and save.

With the documents now attached to the recurring matter, open the Off The Plan Recurring Matters app, choose the development you're working on, and select the matters you wish to add documents to. Note that documents can not be attached to lots pre-matter. Click the 'Attach documents' button.

Select matters to attach documents to

In the resulting flyout, choose the documents you wish to attach, and click the 'Attach' button. The selected documents will be added to the matter.

Attach documents flyout